Did you experience a dangerous situation or have a close call? Report it and help keep everyone safe!

Step (1)

Contact the City of Rochester

For Emergency issues - stop sign or yield sign down, traffic signal outage/failure (goes to Rochester Public Works Infrastructure Maintenance)

507-328-2450 - Main
507-254-7704 - After Hours
507-254-7705 - Holiday/Weekend

For Non-Emergency Traffic Issues - reporting poor traffic behavior/traffic concern/improper parking (goes to Rochester Police)

Describe the location and what you observe. Example: "At the corner of 1st Ave and 2nd St, drivers accelerate when the light turns yellow. At least three cars go through the intersection after the light turns red."

Public Safety Non-Emergency Phone: 507-328-6800

For Infrastructure Issues like potholes (goes to Rochester Public Works)

For a sidewalk snow removal issue (goes to Rochester Public Works)

Phone: 507-328-2400

For another side walk issue - severe crack or edge mismatch issue (goes to Rochester Public Works)

Phone: 507-328-2422  

Step (2)

Download the OurStreets App!

OurStreets is a smart phone app that can help make Rochester a safer city for all of us to navigate.


It is a one-stop shop to crowdsource dangerous driving behavior and other dangerous situations such as cars parked in bike lanes.

For example, if you are riding in a bike lane and you approach a vehicle blocking it, you can simply

1) stop

2) snap a picture, and

3) upload the information to the app

All OurStreets reports in the Rochester City limits will be scrubbed of personal information and will be aggregated on a city map. This is not an app to make people look bad or report crime.  It is a tool that will allow us to quantify where and when people who bike and walk are vulnerable. We Bike Rochester will use that information to advocate for geographically specific, data-driven solutions.

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