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Family biking has been a recreational activity enjoyed by all ages for quite some time, but recently it has become a viable transportation option for many families.  Trailers, tag-along bikes, bike seats and cargo bikes that accomodate 1 or more kids are now widely available, allowing parents to travel with their children of all ages over a wide range of distances.  We are fortunate to have an extensive system of safe bike trails in Rochester, which even the youngest cyclists can enjoy.  Direct routes for transportation can be more difficult to navigate safely, but with improvements to our current bike infrastructure, we hope to create a safe and efficient travel system for bicycles all over the city.


As We Bike Rochester grows and the city becomes more supportive of a bikes-as-transportation culture, we hope to offer events and classes geared toward families and children.  Kidical Mass events, bike rodeos and an Open Streets event are all on our to-do list!


For more information on Rochester's family biking, check out the Rochester MN Moms Blog. Jessica Schmitt, We Bike Rochester board member, contributes to a "Pedal Parenting" series that will be posted there monthly.


This past year we helped to sponsor Pedalfest 2015, a bicycle event at the Boys and Girls Club that included a bike repair station, bike car wash, bike rodeo, family bike rides and a massive raffle of bikes, helmets and apparel.  It was very successful and will hopefully become an annual event.

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