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Volunteer at our Bike Workshop

In partnership with several other organizations including the Alliance of Chicano, Hispanic, and Latino Americans (ACHLA), we operate a community bike workshop that takes in donated bikes, repairs them, and distributes them into the community to folks who need them.  You won't need to be an expert to help out, just willing to learn the basics from the others on the team. 

Join your neighborhood association!

Talking to friends and neighbors who are impacted by the same barriers to bike and pedestrian activities is one of the best ways to gather support to get those issues addressed. It's also a great way to talk about the joys of biking, walking and rolling! Not every part of town has an active Neighborhood Association but many do and many more could with your help. RNeighbors is the parental org of the local Neighborhood Associations and is a great place to get involved in caring about your community!

Bike and Pedestrian Friendly Businesses!

Would you love to see your workplace or favorite shop add a bike rack? Maybe you think they are on a great street to have a bike lane added! 

Sometimes even just their knowing people want to be able to more easily walk or bike there is enough of an impact. 

Getting more businesses certified as Bike Friendly or Walk Friendly is a great way to encourage it to happen community wide.  

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