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Bikes vs. Cars Screening was a Success!

We Bike Rochester sponsored a screening of the documentary Bikes Vs. Cars at Wehrenberg Theater. Ninety-four bike enthusiasts purchased tickets for the event where everyone enjoyed the film.

Bikes vs. Cars, which premiered at the SXSW film festival, explores how issues facing cyclists stem from the inability of city infrastructures to provide for both bikes and cars in an increasingly populated world. The film looks toward a future where cars and bikes can share space instead of competing for it, where anyone who wants to ride a bike can travel safely and conveniently.

We Bike Rochester, the Rochester Bicycle Coalition, is a local group of individuals advocating for a more bicycle friendly Rochester, Minnesota. Following the film, We Bike Rochester’s leaders will facilitate a discussion on the film maker's ideas and current efforts to create a bicycle-friendly movement in Rochester and statewide.

“Our mission is to create a bike friendly Med City, however all too often people view this as a one versus the other scenario. We hope to use this film to start a conversation about expanding Rochester to be more multi-modal with safer infrastructure for all transportation choices.” – Founder and President of We Bike Rochester, Kelly Corbin

“The new urban biking movement is pushing [this] development. People simply put a sign on their bike saying ‘ONE LESS CAR.’ A Do-It-Yourself attitude towards a global crisis. It’s a positive message in depressing times” – Filmmaker, Fredrik Gertten

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